TCON Promotional Society and Polaris support equal access for all members to all events and services. The Accessibility Services team serves members with temporary or permanent disabilities, including Deaf or Hard of Hearing members or those with mobility issues, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, heart disease, “invisible” disabilities, or any other condition that might limit a member’s access to Polaris.

Our functions are accommodation and advocacy. This accommodation includes a seating area to help members avoid standing in long queues, accessible seating in Gillies Main Room, and Braille Pocket Programmes. To avoid confusion about how Accessibility Services works, particularly with respect to high-volume departments such as Autographs, our Autograph/Guest Photo policy is reproduced below. Also described below are our new mobile hours and changes to the Gillies Main Room layout for P26.

We suggest that you pre-register and indicate that you have an accessibility-related concern, so that your registration materials will come to us instead of the regular pre-registration desk. This will save you a long wait in line. If you have already pre-registered, you can still contact us at to let us know you would like to be registered with Accessibility Services.

The Hotel has two (2) mobility accessible rooms available. To request such a room, please book a regular room through our Hotel Reservations Page. Once you have done so, send us an email at, including the name under which the room was booked as well as your confirmation number. We will do our best to accommodate you.

Please note that Polaris is not responsible for attendant or medical care. If you have a need or issue that could be addressed by Accessibility Services, please drop by and see us, or ask anyone with a radio to call us. Our desk is located east of the main lobby near the top of the escalators leading down to the mall. While we cannot accommodate all requests, we will do our best to see that all reasonable requirements are met.

Should TCON Promotional Society believe that anyone is taking unfair advantage of accommodation offered by Accessibility Services, the consequence will be immediate revocation of the individual’s membership without refund.

Autograph/Guest Photos Policy

TCON Promotional Society does not guarantee Accessibility Services members preferential or expedited access to autograph lines. In fact, Accessibility Services lines may often take longer than the other, regular-access lines. TCON Promotional Society offers members who need it a wider aisle to accommodate mobility devices, and seating at the side of the room that can be used when the queues are long.  Accessibility members are fed into the autograph lines at a rate determined at the time of the autograph session.

For example, if there are 10 people in the Accessibility line and 50 in the regular-access line, Accessibility members will be brought into the line at a five-to-one ratio—for every five regular-access members, one Accessibility member will be put into the line. Likewise, if the Accessibility line contains 10 people and the regular-access line contains 500 people, the ratio will be one Accessibility member for every 50 members in the regular-access line. As mentioned, this can take longer than the regular access lines, but it’s only fair—after all, we guarantee accessibility, not priority access to autograph or photograph lines. Accessibility members are also free to use the regular-access lines for any activity Polaris has to offer, if so desired.

Gillies Room (Main Room) Seating Layout Changes

Accessibility Services promotes fair and equal access for all of our convention attendees. In reviewing the layout for the Gillies Main Room this year, we determined that regular-access members did not have access to seats in the front row. We would like to give all our members the opportunity to have a seat close to the action! Thus, we have moved the less-popular Accessibility seat section from the far side of the main room. The other front section is still there, don’t worry! The newly moved section will be right beside the main room doors, so if you come in late, and it’s packed, you will have quick and easy access to seats. If you would like to arrive earlier (or when it’s not as packed) and sit up front, you can still do so.

Mobile Hours

New this year are our Mobile Hours. During these times, the Accessibility Services desk may not be staffed, but we will still be in the convention space and on call. Anyone with a radio can contact us if necessary.