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Below are options for advertising your product, club or event through the Polaris website, programme book, and more!

* All prices are in Canadian dollars and include HST.


The programme book will have a full-colour cover with b&w pages. The P26 Ad Spec Guide provides size options, mechanical specs and costs. For more information contact

Programme Book ads are affordable — starting at just $50, and reach a highly targeted audience. There’s no better place to advertise your upcoming novel, your fan club, your new fan film or other new project!


To include your banner within the rotating collection at the top of the Polaris website, please contact

Exhibitors at Polaris: $0.001 per impression | Non-Exhibitors: $0.002 per impression

Example: If a non-exhibitor buys $20 worth of impressions, their banner will appear 10,000 times. The length of time it remains up depends on visitor traffic.

Maximum banner size: 465×60 pixels | Maximum file size: 40KB
Format can be animated-GIF, JPG or clipped-PNG | Include target URL

Additional information can also be found in the Ad Spec Guide.


The newly conceived “Polaris Marketplace” encompasses both the Dealers’ Room and Exhibitor spaces.

While the Dealers’ Room itself is sold out for Polaris 26, there are still Dealer tables and Exhibitor spaces located throughout the hallways. For more information, go to the Polaris Marketplace page.


Whether a small or large sponsorship, Polaris offers recognition to all our sponsors. Want to donate an item as a reward for our hard working volunteers? Sponsorships under $100 are listed on our Sponsors page and in the Programme Book. For more information about sponsorship opportunities please email


Exhibitors are permitted to have events, such as game presentations or club meetings, to take place in the programming space. Please contact


Publishing your own novel, and want to promote it? Completing your first fan film and want to get crowd reaction? Would your group like to have a room party but don’t want all the hassle? Contact us at and we’ll put you in touch with the right people to make it happen!

A no-fuss, grass-roots way to promote your project with a built-in enthusiastic audience – what could be better?


Placing your flyers or promotional cards on the Polaris Flyer Table is FREE. Whether you bring them with you or if you wish to ship them to us, please contact

Please note: The Dealer Liaison Team reserves the right to refuse/remove flyers at their judgement (including, but not limited to: offensive, insulting, illegal or negativity towards our or other events)


* All prices are in Canadian dollars and include HST.