Autograph Sessions

Please check back later for our autograph schedule


The Actor autograph sessions are open to anyone having a Galaxy, Mercury, Venus, Terra or Neptune Membership. Those with memberships that permit only daily access to Polaris (i.e. Neptune Saturday or Neptune Sunday) can only attend those sessions scheduled on the day they are entitled to attend Polaris. No other memberships (i.e. Basic, Trial, or Jupiter) include access to the autograph sessions.

Our autograph sessions generally take place both Saturday and Sunday. They can start as early as 9 a.m. and, while normally they are over by 6 p.m., we have had actors miss flights, and, accordingly, we’d reschedule sessions for late Saturday night. All actors are contracted to sign for a minimum of two hours, unless otherwise noted on our Pocket Programme. However, it is important to note that if an actor does not have a line up at any given point during their autograph session, they are free to leave the session, and there is absolutely no guarantee they will return. Accordingly, we suggest you line up early to ensure you get the autographs you want.

Actors usually have a number of photos with them (in and out of character, colour or black & white). Normally, with each actor who has photos with them, the photo is supplied free of charge with the price of the autograph. Autograph fees per actor will vary, but at Polaris, we’ve been fortunate that most actors have kept their fees between $20.00 and $40.00. If we are aware that any actor is not planning on bringing photos, we will do our best to notify our members by posting this information on the biography page. There are a number of dealers who members can buy photos from.

Posed photographs are not permitted during the Autograph Sessions. If you wish a photo with a guest, you are encouraged to attend our Photo Sessions. Please note: Actors set their own fees for autographing, keep all funds, and accept cash only. Additionally, any Actor may refuse to sign any non-licensed products or photos they find objectionable or offensive.


Author autograph sessions also take place both Saturday and Sunday at tables usually located in the Polaris Marketplace. Authors may only be scheduled to do one (1) hour-long autograph session all weekend, so check the Pocket Programme for times. Although Polaris makes every effort to have a bookseller present during the convention weekend so that you can purchase a copy of an author’s book to have autographed, please confirm with this website page. You are also always welcome to bring your own copies of any books you may want signed.

Any updates to the autograph sessions will be posted at the Polaris Information Desks at the convention.