Membership Registration (At-the-Door)

All prices are in Canadian Dollars and include HST (Harmonized Sales Tax).  Please read all of the information carefully as well as our Membership FAQ (which includes our refund and discount policies) and visit our Privacy Practices page.

Please note:  For ease of reference we have included the Basic Membership fee in the Advanced Attending Memberships.

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Child (0-4)Youth (5-12)Adult (13+)
Neptune (Friday Only)*FREE$15$30
Neptune (Saturday Only)FREE$20$40
Neptune (Sunday Only)FREE$20$30
Terra (Weekend Access: Fri-Sun)FREE$30$70

All Enhanced Attending Memberships include Basic Membership, access to Polaris, all discussions (age restrictions may apply based on content), and Guest talks/autographs/photos.*  Neptune Saturday and all weekend memberships also include access to the Masquerade and Saturday Night Dance.

No actor guest talks, autographs or photo sessions are scheduled for Friday.


Child (0-4)Youth (5-12)Adult (13+)
Basic (Non-Attending) FREE$11$11
Costumers Pass (Attending)**N/AN/A$30
Two Hour Pass (Attending)** (deposit required equal to the day)N/AN/A$20
Marketplace and Charity Auction (Attending)""FREEFREEFREE

** Limited memberships do NOT include access to main room (including Masquerade & Constellations), Autograph & Photo Sessions, Workshops, and Convention Suite.

Guest Photo Sessions*

Will WheatonSaturday & Sunday$40
J.G Hertzler as Martok (IN COSTUME)Saturday Only$40
Robert O'Reilly as Gowron (IN COSTUME)Saturday Only$40
J.G and Robert together as Martok and Gowron (IN COSTUME)Saturday Only$50
J.G Hertzler (As himself, no costume)Sunday Only$40
Robert O'Reilly (As himself, no costume)
Sunday Only$40
J.G and Robert together (no costumes)
Sunday Only$50
Dichen LachmanSaturday & Sunday (Cancelled due to Illness)$40
Tony AmendolaSaturday & Sunday$40
Neil GraystonSaturday & Sunday$40
Miracle LaurieSaturday & Sunday$40

* Must have an attending membership to participate.


Jupiter (Contributing)Child - $69Youth - $69Adult - $69
Jupiter (Non-Attending Basic Membership)Child - $80Youth - $80Adult - $80

Support TCON/Polaris by purchasing a Jupiter/Contributing membership and receive a special limited edition signed version of this year’s programme book.  (learn more)

Please note:  Don’t have a Polaris membership and would like to get one of these programme books:  get a Basic Membership for $11 and add the Jupiter membership.


Clothespin Doll FlashChild - N/AYouth - N/AAdult - $27
Crochet Your Own Sonic ScrewdriverChild - N/AYouth - N/AAdult - $27
Knit Yourself A KlingonChild - N/AYouth - N/AAdult - $30
Writers' WorkshopChild - N/AYouth - N/AAdult - $30

Must have an attending membership to participate.

TCON Promotional Society is a not for profit social club.  All people wishing to attend events run by TCON Promotional Society must have a membership.  All membership sales are final.  All prices are subject to change.  Event times are subject to change.  If you are unable to use your membership, your membership is void unless you notify TCON Promotional Society, in writing, no later than June 04, 2012, to make a “one time” transfer of your membership to someone else for the current convention year, or to the following year.  All guest appearances are subject to professional commitments.  TCON Promotional Society cannot guarantee autographs, guest photographs, or entry into any specific panel or programming event with your membership.

By purchasing a membership you agree that you will abide by all applicable discount and refund policies.


  • Be sure you read and understand the Refund Policy
  • All prices are subject to change.
  • All sales are final (see our Refund Policy)
  • All guests appearances are subject to professional commitments.