Gay Rowan

Gay Rowan played Rachel in the Canadian TV series The Starlost. She also co-starred in the TV movie Our Man Flint: Dead on Target. She later founded the LGR Insurance Group and is a Long Term Care Specialist and a Certified Senior Advisor and is Certified in Long Term Care. Ms. Rowan gives comprehensive and informative long-term care seminars, as well as one-on-one meetings, where she assists people in making the right choices regarding their own, or their family’s, long-term care needs. She has appeared on San Diego local television addressing long-term care issues, as well as working with employers offering long-term care insurance. Ms. Rowan is committed to educating people on how to protect their assets from the catastrophic loss of long-term care. Ms. Rowan has a B.A. in Psychology with a special emphasis on women’s issues. Ms. Rowan lives in Carlsbad with her husband Roger, who is also in the insurance industry.

The Constellation Awards and Polaris Co-Present: A Starlost Mini-Reunion (Saturday – 2pm – King City Conference Room)

In 1973, the CTV network aired Canada’s second ever science fiction television series, The Starlost. Taking place on a huge multi-generational spaceship called “The Ark” which had gone off course, the series followed the adventures of the descendants of the original crew and colonists, many of whom are unaware that they are living aboard a giant ship. The series ran for only 16 episodes, but CTV re-ran it for many years, and it has been the discussion topic at several Canadian conventions ever since.

Now, almost 40 year later, The Constellation Awards and Polaris are pleased to bring you a reunion of two of the main actors from the series. Gay Rowan (Rachel) and Robin Ward (Garth) will both be appearing at the Constellation Awards as presenters. Then, the two will be appearing at a Polaris Discussion entitled “The Starlost: Looking Back,” which will be followed by a brief autograph session. If you remember this Canadian sci-fi series fondly, don’t miss this rare chance to meet these two actors! Check your pocket programme on arrival for confirmation of times and locations.

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