How to Participate

Do you enjoy the great discussions and activities that the Programming Department offers? Do you wonder about the people who moderate the discussions and lead the activities? Do you feel as though you could offer a great idea, interesting opinion or particular skill that our membership would appreciate? Don’t be shy! Sign up as a Fan Participant and help the Programming Department to create and run the discussions and activities that you love and enjoy.

Not only does helping the Programming Department mean that you’re helping to ensure that some of your favourite parts of the Polaris weekend happen, but it also makes you eligible for a discount on your membership! The current discount is $10 off your membership for each hour that you contribute, up to a maximum of $30 off the total price.

Signing up as a Fan Participant is easy. Simply fill out the sign-up form found here. Following that, we will send you a special code that you can use during your preregistration in order to receive the discount. We’ll also keep you posted with what Programming is working on and make sure that your experience helping us is memorable and enjoyable.

If you’re curious or have more questions about what’s involved in helping Programming, if you want to see some of the great things we’re planning this year or even if you want to read biographies of some of our other great Fan Participants, we have a blog that you can check out here.



Note: If you are a past or returning “panellist” who has helped us in a previous year and are curious about some of the changes we’ve made this year, be sure to check out this notice for more information.