Hospitality Suites


Beam up to the convention’s hospitality suite and take a break from it all.  Located in suite 1086, we offer a place for all TCON members (human and alien) to relax, converse, watch videos and partake of complimentary snacks, pop or juice.

Ten-Forward is also the drop-off point for pop tabs.  This year, when members drop off their bundles of pop tabs, they will be given a ticket for a draw to take place on Sunday afternoon in Ten-Forward.  For pop tab donators only.


At 7:30 pm on both Friday and Saturday evenings, Ten-Forward will close for 30 minutes while the suite undergoes a metamorphosis to become Polaris’ members only official room party…

We add on suite 1091, where alcoholic beverages will be served – a brief VIP process is required in suite 1086 first.  You never know who you’re run into at Ten-Forward After Dark!  During Polaris 24, Kai Owen popped in for a drink and a chat!

At the end of the convention, if you happen to have returnable alcohol bottles in your hotel room, why not drop off your empties to us.  The bottle return money will be donated to the future operation of Ten-Forward.


Suite 1091.  Accessible to guests of the convention, volunteers, staff and Fan and Professional participants only.

While the Lounge is not meant to be your only source of food over the weekend, it’s great for a light snack while you are on the run, between shifts or multi-hour discussion sessions.  Also, please note the Lounge is not an allergen free zone, and will contain nuts, milk and other common allergens.

Ten-Forward is operated as a private party, in a private hotel room, accessible to members of TCON Promotional Society only.  Memberships to TCON are available at our Registration Desk during regular desk hours.

VIP Card Policy:  All Members of TCON Promotional Society, who are of legal drinking age* and attending Polaris, are entitled to a VIP Card.  The VIP Card is an alcohol control device only, for the purpose of tracking how much people are drinking in our private party.

*Ontario legal drinking age is 19