Polaris Marketplace

The Marketplace:
(Dealers, Exhibitors, Artists’ Alley and Charity Auction Viewing Room)


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Sheraton Parkway Conference Space - Click on Map to enlarge

Polaris’ Dealers, Exhibitors and Artists’ Alley  space, collectively know as Polaris Marketplace, includes the Grand Richmond Ballroom (A-E: lots shown in red) and the foyers outside the ballrooms (lots in orange to the York (Main RooM) Ballroom) and the Artists’ Alley the lower level around the fountain. The Marketplace is FREE to the public – no Polaris membership required. With over 80 Dealers, Exhibitors and Artists we are sure you will find something your heart desires. Don’t forget parking is also FREE.

The Marketplace includes merchandise for all sorts of fans such as: artwork, books, audio, video, comics, photos, cards, holograms, figures, games, clothing, jewelry, swords, patches, pin, buttons, art, many one of a kind items, information on clubs, conventions and other fandom activity, plus so much more.

In addition, for every $20 in merchandise you purchase from participating dealers, you get one (1) voucher to enter into our door prize draws. In the past, prizes have included $50 in Polaris Dollars, DVDs, Polaris Jackets, T-Shirts, a portable DVD player, Boxee Box, and much, much more!

Interested in becoming a Vendor at Polaris? Contact us at marketplace@tcon.ca. To avoid overselling, you won’t find the paperwork on the site, so we can keep track who is interested in locations to avoid over selling the room.

Please note: Some vendors may be selling items such as scented candles, items with perfumes, etc. People with aversions or allergies to such items should be aware before entering that these items may be sold in the Dealers’ Room.


Above: Map 1 of 7 - Grand Richmond Ballroom - Dealers' Room - Click on Map to enlarge


Above: Map 2 - Grand Richmond Foyer - Click on Map to enlarge

Above: Map 3 - West Hallway (West of Main Entrance & Fountain) - Click on Map to enlarge


Above: Map 4 of 7 - East Hallway (East of Main Entrance & Fountain)- Click on Map to enlarge

(no map 5 – that’s PreReg and Reg)

Above: Map 6 - York Ballroom Foyer (Outside Main Room) - Click on Map to enlarge

Sheraton Parkway Map 7 (Artists' Alley)

Above: Map 7 of 7 - Artist Alley (Base of Fountain - Lower Level) - Click on Map to enlarge

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