Media Guidelines


On arrival at the convention, Media Representatives are asked to check in at the Media Relations Department office located in CEO Boardroom (9th floor of York Tower).  At this time, they will be given a badge that will grant them access to the various convention venues.  Media Representatives may be asked to present credentials or a sample publication with each of their names before they are granted event access.

Media Representatives will be required to wear their badges at all times to ensure their access to convention spaces.  These badges are not transferable.  The badges will include the name of both the representative and his or her organization as registered with the Media Relations Department.

During the convention, Media Representatives will be expected to respect our guests, our members and our convention staff and volunteers by following our Basic Convention Policies (a copy included in the Programme Books and in the media kit).  Representatives of the media who fail to follow these guidelines or attempt to circumvent the Media Relations Department may have their media privileges revoked for the duration of the convention and may not receive credentials for future TCON Promotional Society events.  Media badges to Polaris 26 and all TCON Promotional Society events are distributed solely at the discretion of TCON Promotional Society via the Polaris Media Relations Department.


Due to time constraints and contractual obligations, the Polaris Media Relations Department cannot guarantee Media Representatives access to our guests.  Interview request for guests at Polaris 26 must be made in advance through the Media Relations Department.  Where possible, the Media Relations Department will do our best to facilitate media access to our Media Guests and Author Guests of Honour.  However, please be aware that our guests’ commitments to their scheduled appearances at Polaris 26 take precedence over interview requests.

Interviews requests for Polaris 26 staff or convention committee should also be made in advance through the Media Relations Department.

As a professional courtesy to our guests and other members of the media, the Media Relations Department expects that you arrive early, dress appropriately and conduct yourself in a polite, respectful and professional manner during the press conferences.  Dress should be business casual.

We request that you prepare your questions in advance of press conferences or interviews, and arrive at least fifteen minutes in advance.  The Media Relations Department will provide press kits, including guest bios, when you check in.  Media Representatives will refrain from requesting autographs or posed photos while in the Media room.  Media Representatives who do not abide by these guidelines may be denied access to the Media room and/or have their media access to Polaris revoked.

Finally, please note that all members of the public attending Polaris 26 have the right to decline to be interviewed, recorded or filmed.  Media Representatives are responsible for obtaining the appropriate consent from all those involved.


While Polaris 26 welcomes recordings of all types at the convention, please note the following exceptions:

  • Photography and video/audio recording may be prohibited during guest appearances where noted. Recordings of guest appearances outside of scheduled interviews or during appearances not previously cleared with the Media Relations team fall under the Basic Convention Policies for Photographs and Video/Audio Recording and may not be posted or published.
  • Interviews, recording and/or filming are not permitted in the Marketplace (formerly Dealers) Room, Autograph Room, or during Autograph Sessions without the prior permission of the Media Relations Department.  The interviewer will also be required to be accompanied by a Polaris staff member while conducting interviews.
  • The use of cameras or video and digital tape recorders will not be permitted during the Art Show and Art Auction.
  • Flash photography will not be permitted during the Masquerade Costume Contest.  Photo opportunities for Masquerade contestants will be provided outside Gillies’ Main Room.

In all cases, interviews and filming should be conducted with minimal disruption to traffic flow and nearby convention activities.

On behalf of the convention organizers, staff and volunteers of Polaris 26, we thank you for your interest in our 26th annual convention.  We have an exciting list of guest speakers, panelists and events lined up for this year and we hope you will enjoy your time at Canada’s largest annual community-run science fiction and fantasy event.