Rob St-Martin

Rob St-Martin is a Canadian author, editor, publisher, husband and father, not necessarily in that order. From his secret lair in Montreal, he writes fantasy novels with steampunkian flavour and strong female characters, including his most recent novel, Sunset Val’s Hat Trick.

Since his first professional sale of a short story to the Misspelled anthology in 2006, Rob has edited an Aurora Award-nominated anthology (Ages of Wonder, 2009); written and published ten of his own novels and the two novels of Derwin Mak; been an Author Guest at over a dozen conventions; and become a husband, stepfather, and father.

A life-long geek, Rob is proud to be a professional participant at Polaris. He lives with his wife (whom he adores), four children, two gerbils and a frog. When not writing, Rob actively wishes he had more time to write.