Robin Ward

Since playing Garth in The Starlost Robin Ward has worked on stages across North America as an actor, playing roles from Shakespeare, to Ibsen to comedies and musicals. In addition to his work on the stage Robin has performed in many television and film dramas both in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico. He has also been a television journalist for the CTV Network where he hosted various programs, wrote movie reviews and was an entertainment reporter, and he did a stint as the host of a morning show for the Weather Network.

Robin continues to work in the theatre and will be appearing in the comedy See How They Run at the Aquarius Theatre in Hamilton in September. He divides his time between Toronto where he is active as a voice actor, and St. Mary’s Ontario where he writes, walks his dog and generally takes life easy.

The Constellation Awards and Polaris Co-Present: A StarlostMini-Reunion (SATURDAY – 2PM – KING CITY CONFERENCE ROOM)

In 1973, the CTV network aired Canada’s second ever science fiction television series, The Starlost. Taking place on a huge multi-generational spaceship called “The Ark” which had gone off course, the series followed the adventures of the descendants of the original crew and colonists, many of whom are unaware that they are living aboard a giant ship. The series ran for only 16 episodes, but CTV re-ran it for many years, and it has been the discussion topic at several Canadian conventions ever since.

Now, almost 40 year later, The Constellation Awards and Polaris are pleased to bring you a reunion of two of the main actors from the series. Gay Rowan (Rachel) and Robin Ward (Garth) will both be appearing at the Constellation Awards as presenters. Then, the two will be appearing at a Polaris Discussion entitled “The Starlost: Looking Back,” which will be followed by a brief autograph session. If you remember this Canadian sci-fi series fondly, don’t miss this rare chance to meet these two actors! Check your pocket programme on arrival for confirmation of times and locations.

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