Special Guests

Larry Stewart

Master of Ceremonies

Larry Stewart is an Ottawa-based illustrator, calligrapher, illuminator, lecturer, writer, and entertainer. He has illustrated books in the Science Fiction field, notably for Robert J. Sawyer’s Factoring Humanity (TOR Books, 1998) and Julie E. Czerneda’s book No LimitsRead More »


John Paladin

Artist Guest of Honour

His makeup expertise goes back more than 10 years, including being J.G. Hertzler’s personal makeup artist on Star Trek: Of Gods and Men and was the head special makeup artist on Star Trek: Kitumba — both productions from Star Trek: … Read More »


Robin Dunne

Host of the 2012 Constellation Awards (Friday Only)

Robin is best known for his work as DR. WILL ZIMMERMAN on the hit series SANCTUARY. Robin has also recently acted in and produced the science fiction comedy film SPACE MILKSHAKE, due to be released late summer 2012.… Read More »