During the year, the Polaris Convention Committee (ConCom) tries and plans the best possible event for you, the attendees. But to make it happen we need you to volunteer!

Imagine if Polaris tried to run only with the ConCom members working: The Pre-Registration line would take forever with only two people to work the line. Who would help all the Masquerade contestants prepare behind the scenes and who would be a catcher in front of the stage? What would happen if we ran out of staples and a ConCom member had to run to the store?

Clearly, the convention would be a disaster! Each year, between 150-200 additional people are needed to help us staff every department so the convention runs at peak efficiency over the weekend.

We know that you’re likely coming to Polaris to see an actor or author, go to the Marketplace, attend discussion, or hang with some friends. We don’t want you to miss out on any of the fun! But, you may find you have a couple of hours over the weekend to spare and can help out. If so, great! You can even pick when and where you want to work!


Locate the Volunteer Desk on the map, go there and our friendly staff can sign you up and explain in more detail how volunteering works.


Ontario secondary schools require their students to have put in 40 hours of volunteer community service in order to graduate, and we are often asked if volunteering at Polaris can count towards those hours.

The answer to that is “Check with your school”. If your school is willing to accept your volunteer hours at Polaris, we are happy to write a letter or complete whatever paperwork your school requires to have your hours count towards your graduate requirement.

Each school seems to have their own rules. Unfortunately, Polaris does not have the time or resources it takes to figure out what schools do or don’t count them.

Bottom line: We’re happy to verify your hours for your school requirements, but it is up to you to find out beforehand whether your school accepts hours from Polaris.


For helping us out, you can work towards a number exclusive thank you gifts which are listed below. In addition to our thank you gifts, we are continuing with our Special Volunteers Awards.* For EACH hour worked, you will earn a special voucher which may allow you to earn an extra reward. Awards include:

  • 1 of 5 awards of $50 worth of Polaris Dollars
  • 1 of 3 sets of two, single day Reserved Seats in the Main Room
  • DVDs, books or other award items donated by generous sponsors

(*See Special Volunteer Award Restriction Details below)

What are the thank you gifts?  Work the following number of hours and receive:

  • 1 hour or more: An invitation to our summer BBQ get together (details available at the Volunteer Office).
  • 4 hours or more: Our exclusive collector Crew Pin and access to the Lounge for a light meal.
  • At 6 hours:You get to pick one of the following:
    • The Crew Pin and Exclusive Crew T-shirt; or
    • $15 off a future TCON event membership; or
    • $10 (Canadian) CASH
    • Access to Crash Space; or
    • Past Toronto Trek/Polaris Jupiter autographed programme book**; or
    • Autographed photo of a past Toronto Trek/Polaris guest**.
  • At 8 hours: Pick 2 of 6 items at the 6 hour level.
  • At 10 hours: Pick 3 of 6 items from the 6 hour level.
  • At 12 hours: Pick 3 items above except except the future TCON event discount increases to CAN $25, the cash value increases to $20 and Autographed photos increase to two.

T-shirt: One of the thank you items volunteers can earn for working Polaris

Crew Pin: Another of the thank you items volunteers can earn for working Polaris.

Don’t want to miss any of the events by volunteering? When you sign up at the Volunteers Office in the Main Level Coat Check beside the Con Office, you tell us when you have some free time and we’ll let you know where we need volunteers. You pick what you want to do. There is no need to miss the events important to you!

What is there to do? There’s always something! If you enjoy hanging out in Ten-Forward during the evening, why not volunteer to help out? Maybe you want to get an up close look at the costumes in the Masquerade? Volunteer to work the Masquerade. If you’re arriving early, did you know many departments at Polaris, such as the Marketplace, Art Show and Main Room start set­ting up as early as Friday at 8 a.m.? Not coming quite that early? Other departments, such as Ten-Forward and The Lounge, need help before the action starts too. You can easily volunteer 10 hours before Opening Ceremonies. And if you are staying a while after the convention ends most departments need help tearing down either Sunday evening or Monday morning.

Drop by the Volunteer Office for more information and

thank you for helping to make Polaris 26 a success!
We really couldn’t do this without you!


*Special Volunteer Award Restriction Details:
(1) Odds of getting one of the additional volunteer awards will depend upon number of volunteers and number of hours worked.
(2) Volunteer awards are NOT available to members of the Convention Committee (ConCom). Staff level volunteers will be limited to a maximum of 12 vouchers total.
(3) Most Polaris run events or activities will accept TCON Dollars. However, third parties, such as Dealers & Exhibitors, may choose not to participate.
(4) $50 in TCON Dollars Awards: 1 Friday, 2 Saturday, 2 Sunday. TCON Dol­lars are represented by a voucher noting the value of $50 for any TCON event or merchandise. The voucher will expire as of December 31, 2014. TCON Dollars will not be accepted by the hotel, in-hotel or surrounding restaurants and stores, or for parking. A person may only be awarded one of the five TCON Dollar Volun­teer Award draws.
(5) The Reserved Seat award, to be drawn Saturday, is for two (2) (you and a friend) Sunday single-day Reserved Seats located near the front of the Main Room seating.
(6) TCON Promotional Society / Polaris does not take any responsibility for any injuries or damage that may be caused by thank you and volunteer award items donated by any sponsor.