Art Show & Auction

The Polaris Art Show invites all science fiction and fantasy artists, professional and amateur alike, to display and sell their artwork during the convention. For the past 20 years, the Art Show has been organized by The Team Eh – a local group of art show volunteers with many years experience. This year Gallery Momiji, the volunteer team behind the popular Anime North art show, will join The Team Eh in coordinating the Polaris 26 art show.

We offer both panel and table space to display your artwork.

  • 18 panels – these are pegboard, consisting of 2 squares, each square measuring 4ft by 4ft for a total of  4ft by 8ft per panel. We provide hooks and bulldog clips for hanging art on the pegboard panels.
  • 10 tables –  measuring 2.5 ft wide by 6 ft long. Table space sells out very quickly.

Cost per full panel (4ft x 8ft) or table (2.5 ft x 6ft) is $18.00 when reservation form and cheque are postmarked before May 31, 2012 and $20.00 after May 31st. Cost for half and quarter panels and/or tables is pro-rated. Fee is for display space only. The art show collects a 5% commission on all art show sales. We also offer a print store where the artist can sell multiple copies of a piece; there is no charge to put prints into the Print Shop, but a 10% commission is collected on print shop sales.

Reserve early since space is allotted on first reserved/paid basis.

To reserve space in the Polaris 26 Art Show, download a copy of the artshow space reservation package.


This year a number of things are changing. The Polaris 26 art show is being organized by the Team Eh and Gallery Momiji, the art show team from Anime North. Why the collaboration? Well, after 30+ years, Team Eh is retiring and this year is a transition between the 2 teams. While our style and procedures come from the same founding principles, you will note some changes. Read the artshow package for complete details.

  • Display fees increase to $20 when the reservation form and cheque are postmarked after May 31st.
  • Art show hours have been slightly modified – see General Rules (page 3 of the artshow package) for details.
  • Important customs info for our US friends – the temporary import permit for US artists is no longer available; you are responsible for any customs fees incurred in shipping/bringing your art to the Polaris art show.


The Marketplace (formerly the Dealers Room) has added an Artists Alley on the lower level. Fifteen-twenty tables are available at a special, low introductory fee of $40.00 which includes one table and a membership for the weekend. To reserve a table in the artists alley contact


Kari-Ann Anderson
Victoria Banjavcic
Peter Bloch-Hansen
Heather Bruton
Sharon Brassard
Daniel Brassard
Svetlana Chmakova
Rob Emery
Cheryl Garrett-Jenkins
Carol J. Grand-Cowan
James Hind
Louise Hypher
David Jackson
Caroline Julian
Desiree Kern
Mary Lim
Sandy Lodish
Lamin Martin
Theresa Mather
Margaret-Anne Park
Michelle Poplar
Karen Roberts
Michelle Stainton
Amy Yu
Nik Zezos