Blastoff Party

Armin Shimerman

Start your Polaris weekend experiences off with a BLAST!  The Polaris Blastoff Party is an exclusive event where a limited number of members get to mingle with all our multi-day guests.  Actor guests, authors, science guests, and more who are with us for the entire weekend will attend the party.  Come have a drink, get some munchies, and chat with our fabulous guests!

In order to make this an intimate and exclusive event, you must purchase a Galaxy or Mercury Level Membership.  There is no other way to attend the Blastoff.  All multi-day guests are contracted to attend the party, but their appearance will be subject to arrival at the hotel.  Polaris cannot be responsible for missed or delayed flights, or other similar issues.

The Blastoff Party is meant to be a relaxed social event for both the fans and the guests.  There is to be NO AUTOGRAPHS or POSED PHOTOS of the guests.  Requesting either may result in your being asked to leave the event/convention without refund.  Please remember, while the guest you are talking to may be OK with your request, other guests may not be and if one guest does it, other guests may feel obligated to do the same.  You CAN take casual pictures of the guests talking to your fellow fans, but again within moderation.  Polaris does reserve the right to further restrict the taking of photos at the guests/fans request (for example if a guest is flash-sensitive).

Admittance to ages 18+ only.

Confused or have a question?  Feel free to contact us at

* Note:  Please drink responsibly, especially if you’re driving.  Many people like to drink, but few people like a drunk.  As with any bar, the bar staff reserves the right to check ID and to refuse service to anybody that may have already had too much.