Saturday Night Dance

Our DJ this year:  Th’Elf & Crew of DSoL Productions!

After the Masquerade ends on Saturday night, don’t turn into a pumpkin… Come dancing instead! The Saturday Night Dance is the place to be for a rocking good time. Slow dances, fast dances, group dances, crazy dances… Just join in with your friends, or make new friends on the dance floor!

Plus: The Dance will be the venue for the announcement of the Masquerade winners! And there will be a cash bar available for those of you who need a kick to get onto the dance floor.*

We received such amazing feedback from you that we will have DSoL Productions returning again for Polaris 26. Here’s a message from them to let you know what to expect:

It’s the end of the world as we know it, and we’ll be fine! Join your bridge crew as they continue going boldly, the four DJs of the apocalypse: Th’Elf, J-Man, DJ Dan and Lady El. Together they’ll take you on a strange and wonderful journey info fun, excitement and incredible music that will make you want the night to never end. Mixing up your fast and furious favourites and top dancefloor hits with the slow “sway with your S/O” songs, DSoL’s fantastic foursome will build a soundscape that’s just waiting for you to fill it. And, of course, they take requests both in advance and on site.

“Truly the Saturday night dance at Polaris is the top of our annual calendar as absolutely the best night, the best dance and the best people. Always packed with an amazingly energetic crowd and stuffed with fun, a dance like this is a DJ’s dream. Making sure we have the right music, the right sound, the right everything has become a serious and enjoyable annual endeavour. We started planning for this year on the Sunday afternoon of last year’s Polaris. This convention, these people, this night… this is what it’s all about. This is Toronto’s SciFi Superbowl!”

Please send song requests to:

The future’s so bright you gotta wear shades! And don’t forget boots for dancing the entire night long!

DSoL Productions

The dance is open to any attending member with a Mars (Saturday), Nepture (Saturday), Terra, Mercury, Galaxy, or Galaxy Plus membership, at no extra cost.

* Note:  Please drink responsibly, especially if you’re driving.  Many people like to drink, but few people like a drunk.  As with any bar, the bar staff reserves the right to check ID and to refuse service to anybody that may have already had too much…