Klingon Karaoke

Meaghan Rath singing at Polaris 25. Don't miss out on who could show up at Klingon Karaoke this year!

Tired of singing to yourself in the shower? Klingon Karaoke is the place to be! And it’s not just for Klingons… Anybody with a song in their hearts can come give the Karaoke a try, in groups, or solo! Or just come watch your fellow science fiction fans as they warble and croon their way through classic tunes and modern hits.




Here is a message from your hosts for this year, Kim and Peter:

Kahless once said, “To those who are overly cautious, everything is impossible”.  He also said, “A leader is judged not by the length of his reign but by the decisions he makes”.  Kahless was, of course, talking about Klingon Karaoke.

So, throw caution to the wind and make the courageous decision to bring honour to your house.  How? By singing praise to your fellow Klingons by choosing one or two songs from our vast selection as we will once again be overseeing the Klingon rite of passage into song.

Remember, the Klingon Proverb, “A warrior does not let a friend face danger alone”.  Support your fellow Klingons — come to Klingon Karaoke!

We look forward to seeing our old friends and to meeting new ones!

Much love,
Kim and Peter


Please note:  This event is open to all species.  To see a list of songs, please visit Entertainment Services’ Song List page.

*Kim and Peter aren’t doing advance requests this year, but they have  great list of songs that’s sure to fit your desires!

The fun takes place on Friday night in the hotel’s Crave Restaurant, where the friendly staff will gladly sell you one of our cool themed beverages to help get you in that Klingon Karaoke mood.*

Klingon Karaoke is open to any TCON member with a Nepture (Friday), Terra, Mercury, or Galaxy membership, at no extra cost.

*Note:  Please drink responsibly, especially if you are driving.  Many people like to drink, but few people like a drunk.  As with any bar, the staff at Spirits reserves the right to check ID and to refuse services to anybody that may have already had too much.  The legal drinking age in Ontario is 19.