Join us for a creative workshop in which you can learn to make geeky clothespin dolls with Etsy seller Clare McElcheran!  Clare runs an Etsy store where she sells clothespin doll ornaments resembling everyone from the cast of The Big Bang Theory to Link and Zelda.  In this workshop, she will be walking participants through the creation of a clothespin doll version of The Flash to call their own.


Curious about the art of crocheting?  Wish you had a screwdriver that was a bit more sonic?  Well now you can solve both problems by learning to crochet your very own sonic screwdriver from Doctor Who!  It’s a fantastic opportunity for crafty Whovians to get together and create something fun.


“The Art and Science of Self-Editing: From Language to Storytelling” with Nina Munteanu

Every work must first pass through the scrutiny of revision and editing before it is ready to market. Skills in revision and polish are therefore an essential component in every writer’s toolkit. Revision is a lot like stripping and polishing furniture: it follows a cyclical oscillation of wax and wane toward a story’s final destiny. Sometimes you need to remove; other times you need to add on. The key to this balanced dance lies in the story being told. In this 2-hour workshop of lecture and discussion, Nina Munteanu (internationally published writer of short stories and eight novels) will use examples (of your works possibly) to help you learn the tools and strategies to effectively and objectively revise and polish story. She will provide revision tools that increase tension, pace, reader interest, flow and direction (e.g., de-cluttering, simplifying, show & tell, POV, sentence and narrative structure, verb quality, and more). Students are invited to bring in and discuss their own works.


Last year’s knitting workshop was a smashing success and so this year we decided to bring it back!  And this year, you won’t want to miss the chance to create your own Klingon doll.  After all, when else will you ever encounter a Klingon you can cuddle?


For the first time at Polaris, Imperial Hobbies presents a Magic the Gathering M13 pre-release event. The fee for this event covers six 15-card packs of the M13 set (one week before official release!), a promotional alternate-art foil card and entrance in to a tournament for the chance to win an entire booster box (36 packs) of M13 (a $144.00 value- the top 8 players in this event will also receive additional packs of M13)! While this event is not ideal as an introduction to the game, all are welcome, whether you have been playing for weeks or years,this is a sealed event to be played using the six packs you receive.”


*Everyone needs to buy cards as this is one week before public release.


We all know that Tribbles can be troublesome little creatures. However, they’re just so adorable, how can you resist wanting one of your very own? This is your chance to create your very own Tribble to take home – just be careful that it doesn’t turn into an infestation.

While you’re working, enjoy screenings of some of the most popular episodes of TOS and DS9 featuring the fast-breeding pests, The Trouble With Tribbles and Trials And Tribble-ations.

*Create one Tribble free of charge! Additional Tribbles are $1 each with the proceeds going towards Gildas Club Greater Toronto


“How to Write & Publish Science Fiction and Fantasy” with Nina Munteanu

What is Science Fiction and Fantasy and how do you get it published? Internationally published SF author, blogger and scientist Nina Munteanu answers these questions and more in a 2-hour interactive hands-on workshop designed to help you define your project, get started and successfully see it to publication.

Learn some essential tools of this genre such as world-building, research, plot approaches and how to generate and follow through with premise, idea, theme and storyboarding toward a publishable original work.

The workshop will include lecture, use of examples and discussions. The course will also include several handouts containing more information, examples and exercises. Students are invited to bring in and discuss their own works.

Upon registration, students are required to submit a summary page of their chosen work in progress (WIP) at least a week prior to the course. Details will be sent to those who register in June.

Each workshop requires registration, and there are additional fees for each workshop.  To register, select the appropriate workshops on your Member Online Registration form.  If you have already pre-registered, but would like to add any workshop, check “YES” when asked “Do you currently have a Polaris/TCON membership?” in Step Two.  The Workshop can then be added during Step Three.

Please note, it is best that you have a Terra level (or higher) membership as workshops may be scheduled at any point throughout the convention.

If you have any questions, or experience trouble adding the workshop, please email our Pre-Registration Department.

2010's Writers' Workshop with New York Times bestselling author Kelly Armstrong